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Al Bovik   Image and video processing
Michael Parker   Digital video processing for engineers a foundation for embedded systems design
Rafael C. Gonzalez   Digital image processing
Walter Savitch   Absolute 5th edition C++
Wei-Meng Lee   Android Application Development Cookbook
Wei-Meng Lee   Beginning android 4 application development
Mark Stamp   Information security.Principles and Practice
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Modern operating systems
Kurose R.   Computer Networking
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Operating Systems Design and Implementation
Abraham Silberschatz   Operating System Concepts.7th Edition
Abraham Silberschatz   Operating System Concepts.8th Edition
Zigurd Mednieks   Programming Android
    A guide to the project management body of knowledge
Samuel J.   Project management in practice
Petersen C.   The practical guide to project management
Karsten Nohl   GSM –SRSLY?
Stefan M.   Computer Systems Lab
    A virtuous education
Nary Subramanian, Ph. D.   Engineering a trustworthy software system using the NFR Approach
Karsten Nohl   Subverting the security base of GSM
    Network security
Aneta Vulgarakis   A resource - aware framework for designing predictable component based embedded systems
Brian Babcock   Models and issues in data stream systems
    Cryptanalysis of the GSM algorithms
    Computer and Network Security
    Intel 64 and IA-32 architectures software developer`s manual
    Intel 64 and IA-32 architectures optimization reference manual
    Intel 64 and IA-32 architectures software developer’s manual Volume 1:Basic Architecture
    Intel 64 and IA-32 architectures software developer’s manual Volume 2A:Instruction Set Reference, A-M
    Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for Intel Architecture.
    Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for Intel Architecture Reference Manual
Kushal Shah   Time Optimization of HEVC Encoder over X86 Processors using SIMD
Tamer Abuhmed   Introduction
Tamer Abuhmed   Symmetric Key Crypto
Tamer Abuhmed   Integrity
Tamer Abuhmed   Access Control: Authentication(Part I)
Tamer Abuhmed   Access Control: Authorization (Part II)
Tamer Abuhmed   Authentication Protocols
Tamer Abuhmed   Software Security
Alan Beaulieu   Mastering Oracle SQL
Andrew Forward   The Convergence of Modeling and Programming
Alfred Park   OpenMP: An API for Portable Shared Memory Programming
    Summary of OpenMP 3.0 C/C++ Syntax
Gary Bradski   Learning OpenCV
    The National Library of Korea
Francis Buttle   Customer Relationship Management
    Digital Libraries in Education
Jeffrey Bannister   Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks
    Handbook of Information and Communication Security
Chowdhury G. G.   Introduction to Digital libraries
    ITIL Version 3.Service Design
    ITIL Version 3.Service Transition
Ernest Brewster   IT service management
Craig A. Schiller   Botnets
    Management of technology
    Business strategies for sustainable development
Henry M.   Preserving digital information
David J. Teece   Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation
Harris Andrea   CISCO® ASA firewall fundamentals 2nd edition
Michael Welschenbach   Cryptography in C and C++
    CS 782 Syllabus
John Vince   Digital Convergence – Libraries of the Future
Rafael C. Gonzalez   Digital image processing using MATLAB
Tawfik Jelassi   Strategies for e-business
Rafael C. Gonzalez   Digital Image Processing.Problem Solutionsw-Student Set
Rafael C. Gonzalez   Digital Image Processing.Instructorzs Manual
    Digital convergence
Rafael C. Gonzalez   Digital Image Processing.Student Problem Solutions.Version 3.0
    Business Strategy Tools for OD Practitioners: Creating the Dynamic Enterprise
    Report on fixed-mobile convergence: implications on competition and regulatory aspects
Stuart McClure   Hacking exposed 6:network security secrets & solutions
Joel Scambray   Hacking exposed WEB applications: WEB application security secrets and solutions
Kenelm D. Deen   Contribution and distribution over IP networks
S. Alstrup   HOW P2P technology can change broadcasting as we know it
Envivio Inc.   Realizing IPTV and mobile convergence over existing IP networks Ian Trow, VP of Technology
    Information and communication Technology (ict) strategy 2010 - 2014
    Information Systems and Business Strategy
Juliet Bates   Converged multimedia networks/Juliet Bates
Falk Kohlmann   Business-Oriented Service Design in Practice - Learnings from a Swiss Universal Bank
Dan Steinbock   The mobile revolution : the making of mobile services worldwide
    Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy
Diane Penrod   Composition in convergence : the impact of new media on writing assessment
P.Y.A. Ryan   The Modelling and Analysis of Security Protocols: the CSP Approach
Hu Hanrahan   Network convergence : services, applications, transport, and operations support
    The e-Government Imperative
    MBA 515: Management Information Systems
Paul Noumba Um   A model for calculating interconnection costs in telecommunications
    Security and Cryptography for Networks
Gerard O`Driscoll   Next generation IPTV services and technologies
    Strategies in Implementing Efficient Information Systems
Johnny Long   Stealing the network How to Own a Shadow
    Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm
Bart Preneel   Understanding Cryptography . A Textbook for Students and Practitioners
Jeffrey Bannister   Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks.IP, UMTS, EGPRS and ATM
Adrian F. Ashman   An introduction to cognitive education: theory and applications
Cathy N. Davidson   The future of learning institutions in a digital age
David Moursund   Introduction to Information and Communication Technology in Education
Wiel Veugelers   Network Learning for Educational Change
Wen Yu   Recent Advances in Intelligent Control Systems
Usha V. Reddi   Educational Multimedia A Handbook for Teacher-Developers
Ulrich Hoppe   Artificial Intelligence in Education Shaping the Future of Learning through Intelligent Technologies
Ulo Pikkov   Animasophy: Theoretical Writings on the Animated Film
Tom Kubiszyn   Educational testing and measurement. Classroom Application and Practice
Syed Mahbubur Rahman   Multimedia Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Stuart A.   How to create and manage a hedge fund : a professional`s guide
Stian Haklev   The chinese national top level courses project: using open educational resources to promote quality in undergraduate teaching
Stephane Marchand-Maillet   Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: User, Context,and Feedback
Solomon Negash   Handbook of Distance Learning for Real-Time and Asynchronous Information Technology Education
Siva Kumari   Adopting Information Technologies for Instructional Environments
    Multimedia Applications of the Wavelet Transform
Sanjaya Mishra   Interactive multimedia in education and training
Robert Heinich   Instructions media and technologies for learning
Robert Burnett   Perspectives on Multimedia Communication, Media and Information Technology
    Flash 8: Projects for Learning Animation and Interactivity
Heimo H. Adelsberger   Handbook on Information Technologies for Education and Training
Norman Jackson   Developing Creativity in Higher Education An imaginative curriculum
    The Power of Video Technology in International Comparative Research in Education
Mark Salisbury   iLearning.How to Create an Innovative Learning Organization
Marcia Kuperberg   A Guide to Computer Animation for TV, Games, Multimedia and Web
Manjit Singh Sidhu   Technology-Assisted Problem Solving for Engineering Education: Interactive Multimedia Applications
Mahbubur Rahman Syed   Methods and Applications for Advancing Distance Education Technologies: International Issues and Solutions
Mahbubur Rahman Syed   Strategic Applications of Distance Learning Technologies
Linda Eastwood   A Toolkit for Creative Teaching in Post-Compulsory Education
Lawrence Tomei   Integrating Information & Communications Technologies into the Classroom
Lawrence Tomei   Information Communication Technologies for Enhanced Education and Learning: Advanced Applications and Developments
Lawrence Tomei   Adapting Information and communication Technologies for Effective Education
Karen S. Ivers   Multimedia projects in education : designing, producing, and assessing

Richard Andrews   Teaching and Learning Design and Technology
Joan M. Kiel   Information Technology for the Practicing Physician
Jennifer Martin   Information Communication Technologies for Human Services Education and Delivery: Concepts and Cases
Yap-Peng Tan   Intelligent Multimedia Processing with Soft Computing

Jacqueline P. Leighton

  Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment for Education
Jack Koumi   Designing Video and Multimedia for Open and Flexible Learning
HenkM Blanken   Multimedia Retrieval
Harold F.   Technology applications in education .A Learning View
Greg Dimitriadis   Theory for education
Giorgos Stamou   Multimedia Content and the Semantic Web METHODS, STANDARDS AND TOOLS
Gilly Salmon   How to Create Podcasts for Education
Gheorhita Ghinea   Dijital multimedia perception and design
George A. Tsihrintzis   Multimedia Services in Intelligent Environments – Integrated Systems
Gary A. Berg   Cases on Online Tutoring, Mentoring, and Educational Services: Practices and Applications
Ellen Finkelstein   Flash CS# for dummies
John DiMarco   Computer Graphics and Multimedia: Applications, Problems and Solutions
David M. Marcovitz   Powerful PowerPoint for Educators: Using Visual Basic for Applications to Make PowerPoint Interactive
Claude Ghaoui   E-Education Applications: Human Factors and Innovative Approaches
Chris Georgenes   Animation with Scripting for Adobe. Flash. Professional CS5 Studio Techniques
ChangWen Chen   Intelligent Multimedia Communication:Techniques and Applications
Fredrik Ericsson   Information Technology for Learning and Acquiring of Work Knowledge among Production Workers
    Engineering Education : Designing an Adaptive System
Stephen J. Bigelow   Understanding Telephone Electronics
Bill Fitzgerald   Drupal for Education and E-Learning
    US Navy - Digital Data Systems
    Evolution of information technology in educational management
Anthony Coles   Your Education Research Project Handbook
Barron, Ann E.   New Technologies for Education : A Beginner's Guide
Ann E.Barron   Technologies for education: a practical guide
Andrew Samuel   Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design. Creativity, Engagement and Learning
Anders D. Olofsson  

Informed Design of Educational Technologies in Higher Education: Enhanced Learning and Teaching

Alistair Sutcliffe   Multimedia and Virtual Reality Designing Multisensory User Interfaces
Alan Januszewski   Educational Technology.The Development of a Concept
Richard G. Lyons   Understanding Digital Signal Processing
Grigoris Antoniou   A Semantic Web Primer
    C++ Basics
Ben Shneiderman   Designing the user interface
Leonid G. Kazovsky   Broadband optical access networks
Inmon W. H.   Building the Data Warehouse
Graham Curtis   Business Information Systems
    A Complete Guide to Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing the complete Cornerstone Guide to Cloud Computing Best Practices
Rajkumar Buyya   Cloud Computing, Principles and Paradigms
Nick Antonopoulos   Cloud Computing. Principles, Systems and Applications
Robert Wrembel   Data Warehouses and OLAP. Concepts, Architectures and Solutions
Paulraj Ponniah   Data Warehousing Fundamentals
Abraham Silberschatz   Database System Concepts, 6th Edition
Donald A Norman   Design of Everyday Things
    Digital Signal Processing
Krzysztof Wesolowski   Introduction to digital communication systems
Thomas B. Passsin   Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web
Martin Vetterli   Foundations of Signal Processing
John G. Proakis   Fundamentals of Telecommunications
George Spofford   MDX Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Analisys Services
Aidan Finn   Microsoft Private Cloud Computing
Bryan C.Smith   Microsoft SQL Server 2008 MDX
Mark Watson   Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications
Hooshang Ghafouri-Shiraz   Optical CDMA networks
Ronald L. Krutz   Cloud Security A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Cloud Computing 2010
    Signal processing for communications
Roger S. Pressman   Software Engineering
Gary B. Shelly   Systems Analysis and Design Ninth Edition
Roger L. Freeman   Fundamentals of telecommunications
Michael C. Daconta   The Semantic Web. A Guide to the Future of XML, Web Services, and Knowledge Management
Henrik Schulze   Theory and Applications of OFDM and CDMA
    Visual DSP++5.0. Revision 4.3
    ADSP-BF561 EZ-KIT Lite. Evaluation system manual
Marc Constantijn Willem Geilen   Formal Techniques for Verification of Complex Real-Time Systems
Steve Schneider   Concurrent and Real Time Systems: the CSP approach
Mubarak Shah   Fundamentals of computer vision
    Visual DSP++ 5.0.Revision 3.0
George R. Cooper   Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis
Graham Curtis   Business Information Systems Analysis, Design And Practice 5th Edition
John Arnold   Digital Televison-Technology and Standards
Dr. Jurgen Sauermann   Realtime Operating Systems
Herve Benoit   Digital television.3rd.Edition
Iain E. G. Richardson   H.264 and MPEG-4 Video Compression
    Interactive media. what’s that?
Lawrence R. Rabiner1   Introduction to Digital Speech Processing
Jim Kurose   Computer networking 6 th edition
    Visual DSP++ 5.0 C/C++ Compiler and Library Manual for Blackfin Processors
Olaf Passenheim   Project management
    Specifying Systems
Keith Jack   Video Demystified 5th Ed
    EDA222/DIT161: Real time systems
Bob Fleck   802.11 Security
Pejman Roshan   802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals
Riaz Esmailzadeh   TDD-CDMA for Wireless Communications
Ramjee Prasad   Technology Trends in Wireless Communications
Amitava Mukherjee   Location Management and Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks
Yannis Tsivids   A first lab in ircuits and electrinics
Winfield Stanton   A Primer on Asynchronous Modem Communication
    A user’s guide to aspect ratio conversion
Stephane Mallat   A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing
Gang Feng   Adaptive contol systems
Maurice G. Bellanger   Adaptive Digital Filters Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Roland S.Burns   Advanced Control engineering
Saeed V. Vaseghi   Advanced DigitalSignal proessing and Noise Reduction
Steve C. Cripps   Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design
Tadeusz A. Wysocki   Advanced wired and wireless networks
Henry C. Lee   Advances in Fingerprint Technology
Philippe Lacomme   Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems: An Introduction
Keith Ph.D.   Alternative breast imaging Four model-based approaches team ling
Michael Alder   An Introduction to Pattern Recognition
Robert M. Gray   An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
Kurokawa K.   An Introduction to the theory of microwave circuits
Chen   Analog and Digital Control System Design: Transfer-Function, State-Space, and Algebraic Methods
James C. Daly   Analog BiCMOS DESIGN.Practices and Pitfalls
Jim Williams   Analog Circuit Design Art, Science, and Personalities
Ian Hickman BSc   Analog Circuits Cookbook
Paul R. Gray   Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits
Jerry Luecke   Analog and Digital Circuits for Electronic Control System Applications
Gupta K. C.   Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit– Antenna Modules
David H. Rogstad   Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network
U.S.Marne Corps   Antenna Handbook
    Antennas for Information Super Skyways: An Exposition on Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Antennas
Alan Gatherer   The Application of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communication
Addison Wesley   Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
Alan Hastings   The art of analog layout
Keith Jack   Video Demystified A Handbook For The Digital Engineer
Morgan Kaufmann   ASIC and FPGA Verification :A Guide to ComponentModeling
Paul Rosenberg   Audel Electrical Course for Apprentices and Journeymen
Peter Komarinski   Automated fingerprint identification systems(AFIS)
Allan W. M. Bonnick   Automotive Computer Controlled Systems :Diagnostic tools and techniques
Marvin K. Simon   Bandwidth-Efficient Digital Modulation with Application to Deep-Space Communications
    Basic Electronics Components And Hardware-I (CFS)
    Basic Electronics Components And Hardware-2 (CFS)
    Video Processing and Communications
Pete Waddell   Bebop to the Boolean Boogie
David Kammer   Bluetooth. Application Developer’s Guide:The Short Range Interconnect Solution
    Bluetooth Demystified
Christian Gehrmann   Bluetooth Security
    Broadband Bringing Home the Bits
James E. Gaskin   Broadband Bible
Bal S. Virdee   Broadband Microwave Amplifiers
John S. Tjia   Building Financial Models
Jahanzeb Khan   Building Secure Wireless Networks with 802.11
Robert A. Sainati   CAD of Microstrip Antennas for Wireless Applications
    CDMA Capacity and Quality Optimization
John B. Groe   CDMA Mobile Radio Design
Samuel C. Yang   CDMA RF System Engineering
Kiseon Kim   CDMA Systems Capacity Engineering
Husni Hammuda   Cellular Mobile Radio Systems. Designing Systems For Capacity Optimization
    Circuit Analysis Theory And Practice
Domine Leenaerts   Circuit Design for RF Transceivers
Markus Helfenstein   Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications
    Circuits for the Hobbyist
Mikko E. Waltari   Circuit-techniques-for-low-voltage-high-speed-A/D Converters
Joe Cieszynski   Closed Circuit Television
    CMOS Analog Circuit Design
Jaume Segura   CMOS Electronics How It Works , How It Fails
Dan Clein   CMOS IC LAYOUT .Concepts, Methodologies, and Tools
Rudy van de Plassche   CMOS Integrated Analog- to-digital and Digital- to- Analog
Tegze P. Haraszti   CMOS memory circuits
    CMOS. Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation
Keliu Shu   CMOS PLL Synthesizers: Analysis and Design
Justin S. Morrill, Jr.   Communications Network Test and Measurement Handbook
    Communications Receivers: DSP, Software Radios, and Design
KIN-LU WONG   Compact and Broadband Microstrip Antennas
    Complete Wireless Design
    Video data management and information retrieval
Gordon Brebner   Computers in Communication
Jeff Mc Laudhlin   Consumer`s Guide to Cell Phones and Wireless Service Plans
Theodore L. Deliyannis   Continuous-Time Active Filter Design
Manfred Schleicher   Control Engineering - A Guide For Beginners
RAINEE N. SIMONS   Coplanar Waveguide Circuits, Components, and Systems
Frank Ohrtman   Voice Over 802.11
Jerry C. Whitaker   The Communications Facility Design . HANDBOOK
Gilbert Held   Data Communications Networking Devices
Walt Kester   Data.Conversion.Handbook
Sonia Delmas Bendhia   Deep-submicron CMOS circuit design. Simulator in hands
Behzad Razavi   Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits
Feng Wang   Design Of Modulators For Oversampled Converters
Mooichoo Chuah   Design and Performance of 3G Wireless Networks and Wireless Lans
Xuejun Zhang   Design of Linear RF Outphasing Power Amplifiers
Jeffrey Wheat   Designing a Wireless Network
Hans Camenzind   Designing Analog Chips
Guy Davies   Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks
Mark Tatham   Developments in speech synthesis
Keith Jack   Dictionary of Video and Television Technology
Luk K. M.   Dielectric Resonator Antennas
Wolfgang Hoeg   Digital Audio Broadcasting. Priciples and applications
Marvin K. Simon   Digital Communication over Fading Channels .A Unified Approach to Performance Analysis
Kenneth J. Breeding   Digital Design Fundamentals
    Digital Design Principles and Practices
    Digital Electronics
Bar-Giora Goldberg   Digital Frequency Synthesis Demystified
Msrcuvitz N.   Waveguide Handbook
    Digital Integrated Circuits
Manfred Schleicher   Digital Interfaces and Bus Systems for Communication
Keiji Tachikawa   W-CDMA Mobile Communications System
RULPH CHASSAING   Digital Signal Processing .Laboratory Experiments .Using C and the TMS320C31 DSK
    Digital Signal Processors In Cellular Radio Communications
Syed Riffat Ali   Digital Switching Systems(System Reliability and Analysis)
Enoch O. Hwang   Digital Logic and Microprocessor Design With VHDL
Keith Underdahl   Digital Video for Dummies Wiley
Boris Murmann   Digitally Assisted Pipeline ADCs.Theory and Implementation
Michael Miller   Discovering Bluetooth
Mohammed Ismail   Distortion Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits
Joel Vuolevi   Distortion in RF Power Amplifiers
    Parallel Architectures for Programmable Video Signal Processing
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science Volume 1 of 4
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science Volume 2 of 4
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science Volume 3 of 4
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science Volume 4 of 4
    DSP Facts and Equipment.Digital Signal Processing
Dr. Jurgen Sauermann   Realtime Operating Systems .Concepts and Implementation of Microkernels for Embedded Systems
Huseyin Abut   DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems
Jorg Arndt   Algorithms for programmers ideas and source code
Karim M.R.   W-CDMA and cdma2000 for 3G Mobile Networks
Emmanuel Seurre   EDGE for Mobile Internet
John Bird   Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology
Tony R. Kuphaldt   Lessons In Electrical Circuits. Volume I-Dc
Phillip A. Laplante   Electrical Engineering Dictionary
Paul Rosenberg   Audel. Questions and Answers for Electrician’s Examinations
Sophocles J. Orfanidis   Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas
    Electronics Technician. volume 1 - Safety
    Electronics Technician .volume 2 - Administration
    Electronics Technician .volume 3 - Communications systems
    Electronics Technician .volume 4 - Radar systems
    Electronics Technician .volume 6 - Digital data systems

    Electronics Technician .volume 7 - Antennas and wave propagation
Gordon McComb   Electronics For Dummies
Werner Feibel   Encyclopedia Of Networking
Richard F. Tinder   Engineering Digital Design
Forrest Mims   Engineer's Mini-Notebook-555 Timer IC Circuits
Forrest Mims   Engineer's Notebook II .A Handbook Of Integrated Circuit Applications
Robert M. Gray   Entropy and Information Theory
Sweeney P.   Error control coding. From theory to practice
Ajith Amerasekera   ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits
Luca Fanucci   An Experimental Approach to CDMA and Interference Mitigation
JOHN A. TRACY   The Fast Forward MBA in Finance
Gaetano Palumbo   Feedback Amplifiers.Theory and Design
Hakim S. S.   Feedback Circuit Analysis
JOEL L. DAWSON   Feedback Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers
Alain Briancon   Wideband TDD WCDMA for the Unpaired Spectrum
GOVIND P. AGRAWAL   Fiber-Optic Communication Systems
Francis To So Yu   Fiber Optic Sensors
Paul E. Green, Jr.   FIBER TO THE HOME.The New Empowerment
    Fibre Channel for SANs
Niewiadomski S.   Filter Handbook.A Practical Design Guide
Gene Siciliano   Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Martin P. Clark   Data Networks, IP and the Internet - Protocols, Design and Operation
Philippe Jorion   Financial Risk Manager. Handbook
Perry H. Beaumont   Financial Engineering Principles.A Unified Theory for Financial Product Analysis And Valuation
Ben A. Munk   Finite Antenna Arrays and FSS
HARRY R. ANDERSON   Fixed Broadband Wireless System Design
Danny Briere   HDTV FOR DUmmIES
Maria M. Seron   Fundamental Limitations in Filtering and Control
JAMES BAO-YEN TSUI   Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers A Software Approach
Jeremy Everard   Fundamentals of RF Circuit Design with Low Noise Oscillators
John G. Proakis   Fundamentals of Telecommunications
David Tse   Fundamentals of Wireless Communication
Kazuo Tanaka   Fuzzy Control Systems - Design and Analysis
Jeffrey H.   Getting started as a financial planner
Siegmund M.   GSM And Personal Communications
Gunnar Heine   GSM Networks.Protocols terminology and Implementation
Jorg Eberspacher   GSM Switching Services and Protocols
Margaret J. Barr   Budgets and financial management
Steven W. Smith   Digital Signal Processing
David L.   Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion
Dr Richard Green   Handbook Of time series analysis, signal processing, and dynamics
Albert Y. Zomaya   Handbook of wireless networks and mobile computing
    Handbook on satellite communications
Tyson Macaulay   Hardening IEEE 802.11 wireless networks
    HF Antenna Cookbook
Randall W. Rhea   HF filter design and computer simulation
Tay T. T.   High performance control
Howard W.Johnson   High-speed digital design
    IEE Tutorial Meeting on Digital Signal Processing for Radar and Sonar Applications
    IEEE - Adaptive fuzzy power control for CDMA mobile radio systems
Dwayne Phillips   Image Processing in C
Lindblad T.   Image processing using pulse coupled neural networks
Brian Senese   Implementing Bluetooth in an Embedded Device
Ron Olexa   Implementing.802.11,802.16, and 802.20 Wireless.Networks

    Industrial Control
Daniel J. Shanefield   Industrial electronics for engineers, chemists, and technicians
    Integrated Electronics
Warren G. Buchwald   Integrated Fiber Optic Receivers
Jose Carlos Pedro   Intermodulation Distortion in Microwave and Wireless Circuits
Juha Korhonen   Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications
Bob Zeidman   Introduction to CPLD and FPGA Design
Pekka Eskelinen   Introduction to RF Equipment and System Design
    Introduction To Sound Processing.Systems,sampling and Quantization
Tarmo Anttalainen   Introduction To Telecommunications Network Engineering
William Webb   Introduction to Wireless Local Loop
John S. Seybold   Introduction to RF Propagation
George W. Stimson  

Introduction to airborne Radar

    Introduction to Wave Propagation transmission lines and antennas
Martin W. Murhammer   IP Network Design Guide
Ravi Malhotra   IP Routing
John Wiley   Fundamentals of Digital Television Transmission
John Wiley   IP-Based Next-Generation Wireless Networks
John Wiley   Device Modeling for Analog and RF CMOS Circuit Designy
John Wiley   Introduction to rarametric digital filters and Oscillators
John Wiley   Digital logic testing and simulation
John Wiley   Multi carrier and spread spectrum systems
John Wiley   VSAT Networks
Ricardo Reis   Publishers design of system on a chip.Devices and components
Cory L. Clark   LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing
Dimitris N. Chorafas   Liabilities, Liquidity, and Cash Management Balancing Financial Risks
John J. D`Azzo   Linear Control System Analysis and Design with MATLAB
Brian D. O.   Linear Optimal Control
Michael John George Lewis   Low power asynchronous DSP
J. Barrie Billingsley   Low-Angle Radar Land Clutter Measurements and Empirical Models
Inder Bahl   Lumped Elements for RF and Microwave Circuits
N. Sebe   Machine learning in computer vision
Gilbert Held   Deploying Optical Networking Components
Erich A. Helfert   Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques a Guide for Managers
    Principles and applications of Electrical Engineering
Louis P. J.   Broadband Crash Course
Nathan J. Muller   Wireless A to Z
Stan Gibilisco   Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics
Jia-Sheng Hong   Microstrip Filters for RF Microwave Applications
Daniel G. Swanson   Microwave Circuit Modeling Using Electromagnetic Field Simulation
Harri Eskelinen   Microwave Component Mechanics
    Microwave Electronics Measurement and Materials Characterization
Makimoto M.   Microwave Resonators and Filters For Wireless Communication
Fooks E. H.   Microwave engineering using microstrip circuits
Thomas S. Laverghetta   Microwaves and Wireless Simplified
Eoin Carey   Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuits
    Mixed Signal And DSP Design Techniques
John Wiley   Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
    Mobile Communications Engineering - Theory and Applications
Anna Hac   Mobile Telecommunications Protocols For Data Networks
    Mobile Communications
    Modern Communication Circuits
    Modern Signal Processing
Thomas A. Milligan   Modern Antenna Design
Joy Laskar   Modern Receiver Front Ends. Systems Circuits and Integration
Morgan Kaufmann   Digital Video and HDTV.Algorithms and interfaces
Hyoung-Gook Kim   MPEG-7 Audio and Beyond.Audio content indexing and retrieval
Ramjee Prasad   Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications
    Multi-Standard CMOS Wireless Receivers. Analysis & Design
Albertos P.   Multivariable Control Systems.An.Engineering Approach
Ban P. Wong   Nano CMOS Circuit and Physical Design
Jean-Yves Le Boudec   Network Calculus A Theory of Deterministic Queuing Systems for the Internet
    Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines
Omid M. Omidvar   Neural Systems For Control
Bruce Alexander   New technologies for WLAN
Michael Tooley   Newnes Data Communications Pocket Book
    Newnes Guide to Television & Video Technology
Bob Mercer   Newnes Industrial Control Wiring Guide
Steve Winder   Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book
Mark S. Nixon   Feature Extraction and Image Processing
    Noise In Receiving Systems
Giannini F.   Nonlinear Microwave Circuit Design
Stephen A. Maas   Nonlinear Microwave and RF Circuits
George Ellis   Observers in Control Systems
    On analog integrated circuits
David L. Terrell   Op Amps Design Application and Troubleshooting
    Op Amps for Everyone Design Reference
    Operational Amplifiers Design and Applications
    Operational amplifiers
    Optical Communications Essentials
    Optical Communications Rules of Thumb
    Basic Optics and Optical System Specifications
    Optical Through-the-Air Communications Handbook
    Optical Switching and Networking
    Optimal Control Linear Quadratic Methods
BRIAN D. O.   Optimal Filtering
    Optimal Sampled Data Control Systems
John D. Lenk   Optimizing Wireless-RF Circuits
    O`Reilly-802.11 Wireless Networks- The Definitive Guide
    Packet Broadband Network Handbook
Gabor Lugosi   Pattern Classification And Learning Theory
    Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing
Donald R. Stephens   Phase Locked Loops for Wireless Communications
Robert J. Mailloux   Phased array antenna.Handbook
    Photodetection and Measurement - Maximizing Performance in Optical Systems
    Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design
    Practical Approach to Signals Systems and Control
Paul Scherz   Practical Electronics for Inventors
    Practical Optical System Layout- And Use of Stock Lenses
Geoff Smithson   Practical Rf Pcb Design
William F. Egan   Practical Rf System Design
Bob Krause   Practical aspects of feedback control
Paul H. Dietz   Pragmatic Introduction to electronic engineering
Sheldon Ross   Pricing Communication Networks
Jens Spars   Principles of Asynchronous Circuit Design - A Systems Perspective
Brealey and Myers   Principles Of Corporate Finance
    Principles of Digital Transmission With Wireless Applications
Sangil Park   Principles of Sigma Delta Conversion for Analog to Digital Converters
Don Torrieri   Principles of Spread Spectrum Communication Systems
Robert K. Crane   Propagation Handbook for Wireless Communication system Design
Robert Lloyd-Evans   QoS in Integrated 3G Networks
Anatoly B. Schmidt   Quantitative finance for physicists an introduction
JOHN N. DAIGLE   Queueing theory With applications to packet telecommunication
    Radar Principles
Michael O.   Radar Systems, Peak Detection and Tracking
David K. Barton   Radar Technology Encyclopedia
Dr George Brown   Radio & Electronics Cookbook
Antti V. Raisanen   Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications
Devendra K.   Radio Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits
Kai Chang   Radio Frequency Circuit Design
Norman Dye   Radio Frequency Transistors
Forrest M.   Radio Shack - Getting started in electronics
Catherine L.   Radiometric Tracking Techniques for Deep Space Navigation
Cohen M.F.   Radiosity and realistic image synthesis
Dietmar Kopitz   RDS..The Radio Data System
    Real Analog Solutions for Digital Designers
    Real-Time Video Compression-Techniques And Algorithms
Ronald Kitchen   RF & Microwave Radiation Safety Handbook
    RF and Microwave Wireless Systems
Kluwer Inter   Rf Cmos Power Amplifier
Joseph J. Carr   RF Components and Circuits
Hector J. De Los Santos   RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications
Tatsuo Itoh   RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications
    RFID - Read My Chips
Patrick J.   RFID For Dummies
Ulrich L. Rohde   RF-Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications
McGraw Hill   Risk management and capital adequacy
    Satellite Handbook
Michael O. Kolawole   Satellite communication engineering
John Rogers   Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design
    Digital Signal Processing-Filtering Approach
    Fiber Optics Technician's Manual
    Mobile Fading Channels-Modelling, Analysis & Simulation
Michael Keating   Reuse Methodology Manual for System-on-a-Chip Designs
Monson H. Hayes   Schaum's Outlines of Digital Signal Processing
Hwei P. Hsu   Schaum's Outlines of Signals & Systems
Geoff Varrall   3G Handset And Network Design
Mahmood Nahvi   Schaums outline Of theory and problems Of electric circuits
    Secrets of RF Circuit Design
Shannon C. E.   A Mathematical Theory of Communication
    Short Range Wireless Communication Fundamentals of RF System Design and Application
Alfred Mertins   Signal Analysis
Ronald L. Allen   Signal Analysis Time,Frequency,Scale,and Structure
Mourad Barkat   Signal Detection and Estimation
Mohamed Ibnkahla   Signal Processing for Mobile Communications Handbook
Richard Baraniuk   Signals And Systems
Steven T. Karris   Signals and Systems with MATLAB Applications
    SIP Demystified.Signalling in the Circuit-Switched Network
Wilfrid Perruquetti   Sliding Mode Control in Engineering
Lal Chand Godara   Smart Antennas
Anna-Karin Stenman   Some Design Aspects on RF CMOS LNAs and Mixers
    Sonet or SDH Demystified
    Space-Time Processing for Wireless Communications
Branka Vucetic   Space-Time Coding
Revision History   Specification of the Bluetooth System
Jennifer A. Manner   Spectrum Wars
    Speech Recognition using Neural Networks
Pierre Divenyi   Speech Separation By Humans and Machines Springer
    Spread spectrum communications handbook
Almudena Suarez   Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits
    Standard Handbook of Audio and Radio Engineering
    Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering
Keith Brindley   Starting Electronics
    Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing
    Supervised and Unsupervised Pattern Recognition
George A. Constantinides   Synthesis and optimization of DSP algorithms
    TAB electronics guide to understanding.Electricity and electronics
    Telecom Crash Course
Patrick D. van der Puije   Telecommunication Circuit Design
    Teletraffic Engineering Handbook
    The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design
William Webb   The Complete Wireless Communications Professional.A Guide for Engineers and Managers
    The Easy Guide to Data and Voice Networking
John Watkinson   The Engineer's Guide to Decoding & Encoding
John Watkinson   The Engineer's Guide to Standards Conversion
    The Handbook of Optical Communication Networks
Stan Gibilisco   The Illustrated dictionary of electronics
    The Mobile Communications
    The Mobile Radio Propagation Channel
    The Personal Finance Calculator
Bruce R. Elbert   The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook
Floris G. H.   The Telecommunications Handbook
James F. DeRose   The Wireless Data Handbook
Fred R. Goldstein   The Great telecom meltdown
    Troubleshooting Analog Circuits
Kazimierz Siwiak   Ultra Wideband Radio Technology
Thanassis Misaridis   Ultrasound Imaging Using Coded Signals
William Webb   Understanding Cellular Radio
Gilbert Held   Understanding Data Communications
Seamus O`Leary   Understanding Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
Allan W. Scott   Understanding Microwaves
George T. Friedlob   Essentials of Financial Analysis
    Wireless Communication Technologies
    Wireless Communication Technology
Andrea Goldsmith   Wireless Communications
    Wireless Mobile Networking with ANSI-41
Michel Daoud Yacoub   Wireless Technology Protocols Standards and Techniques
John R. Vacca   Wireless Data Demystified
Vern A. Dubendorf   Wireless Data Technologies Reference
K. Daniel Wong   Wireless Internet Telecommunications
Steve Hranilovic   Wireless Optical Communication Systems

DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science vol 1

    DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science vol 2
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science vol 3
Harry J. R. Dutton   Understanding Optical Communications
Donghyuk Kim   CS206Programming Assignment
Tae Young Kim   CS206Programming Assignment 1
Michael T. Goodrich   Data Structures & algoritmhms in Java
Joshua Bloch   Effective Java: Programming Language Guide
Mattew Gast   802.11 Wireless Networks The Definitive Guide
Laura A. Chappell   Advanced Network Analysis Techniques
Janusz Kacprzyk   Advances onto Internet of things
Vincent Liu   Ambient Backscatter
Dieter Uckelmann   Architecting the Internet of Things
Abhigyan Sharma   A Global Name Service for a Highly Mobile Internetwork
Nik Bessis   Big Data and Internet of Things
Chris Hellberg   Broadband Network Architectures
David D. Clark   The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols
Symon Haykin   Communication Systems
Jim Kurose   Computer Networking. A Top-Down Approach
Antonio Carzaniga   A Routing Scheme for Content-Based Networking
Nikita Borisov   CS438-01.Overview
    Introduction to Unix Network Programming
Brian Runk   Improving Java Network Programming
    Error Coding
    Direct Link Networks
    Multiple Access
    IEEE 802.11, Token Rings
    Bridges and LAN Switches
    Switching Hardware
    Packet Forwarding
    Internet Protocol
    Transport Layer
    Congestion Control
    Quality of Service
    Performance Analysis
    ECE/CS 438: Communication Networks
    CS/ECE 438: Communication Networks
Uday P. Khedker   Data Flow Analisis.Theory and Analysis
Michael T. Goodrich   Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
Joshua Bloch   Effective Java 2nd Edition
Sanjit Biswas   ExOR: Opportunistic MultiHop Routing for Wireless Networks
Jianli Pan   A Survey of the Research on Future Internet Architectures
    Fiber Optic Communication Systems
Abhigyan Sharma   Global Name Service for a Highly Mobile Internetwork
David Naccache   Information Security Theory and Practice
Giancarlo Fortino   Internet of Things Based on Smart Objects
Yongheng Wang   Internet of Things
Rolf H. Weber   Internet of Things.Legal Perspectives
Subhas Chandra   Internet of Things
Juha Korhonen   Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications
Jan Graba   An introduction to Network Programming with Java
Zbigniew M. Sikora   Java - practical guide for programmers
Paul Deitel   Java How To Program Dietel 9th Edition
David Reilly   JAVA network programming and Distributed Computing
Elliotte Rusty Harold   Java Network Programming
    Java tutorial
    Java EE tutorial 7
Lee Junghwan   Sampling-based motion planning algorithm to handle a narrow passage problem
Lee Junghwan   Sampling-based Motion planning algorithm to handle a narrow passage problem.2014-05-12
    CS206 Data Structures Introduction
    CS206 Data Structures Brief Intro to JAVA
    CS206 Data Structures Arrays and Linked Lists
    CS206 Data Structures Recursion
    CS206 Data StructuresAnalysis Tools: Part I
    CS206 Data Structures Analysis Tools: Part 2
    CS206 Data Structures Stacks and Queues: Part I
    CS206 Data Structures Array List or Vector
    CS206 Data Structures Lists & Iterators
    CS206 Data Structures Trees
    CS206 Data Structures Priority Queues I
    CS206 Data Structures Priority Queues II
    CS206 Data Structures Maps & Hashes
    CS206 Data Structures Search Trees I
    CS206 Data Structures Sorting and Selection I
    CS206 Data Structures Graphs I
    Large-Scale Network Measurements
Flavia C. Delicato   Middleware Solutions for the Internet of Things
Deepankar Medhi   Network Routing Algorithms Protocols and Architectures
Lixia Zhang   Named Data Networking
Jan Newmarch   Network programming with Go
    Overview of GSM, GPRS, and UMTS
    Packet Broadband Network Handbook
David M. Beazley   Python Network Programming
Alexander Afanasyev   BGP Routing Table: Trends and Challenges
Tian Bu   On Characterizing BGP Routing Table Growth
    REPORT on Increasing Qualification
Francis daCosta   Rethinking the Internet of Thing

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

    TCP/IP Illustrated,Volume 1
Matt Muggeridge   Programming with TCP/IP – Best Practices
Laura Lemay   Teach yourself java in 21 days
Herbert Schildt   The Complete Reference Java 2
Daniel Giusto   The Internet of Things
    The Linux TCPIP Stack Networking for Embedded Systems
Bruce Eckel   Thinking in Java
Mark Dexter   Eclipse And Java For Total Beginners Companion Tutorial Document
Marco Mellia   Traffic Monitoring and Analysis


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