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Информационные ресурсы, имеющиеся в фонде библиотеки


This book attempts to summarize the current state of the art on what it takes to make АТМ networks а reality and lists several problems that are of interest in achieving this goal. It is intended for a broad range of readers interested in this dream.
This text provides а comprehensive and mathematically sound treatment of the topics considered essential for а college algebra course. It is intended for the student who has successfully completed an intermediate algebra course. Extensive exercise sets ranging from routine exercises to thought- provoking problems are provided at the end of each section.
Book discusses computer networks on a base of the seven-layer OSI model.
This Study Guide has one specific objective: to help you master the fundamentals of economic analysis.
Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices and Applications covers the essential topics in dc and ac circuits and electronic devices with emphasis on applications and troubleshooting. The coverage provides а thorough foundation on which to develop skills in electronics and related fields.
Modern times have created modern problems, and many of those problems involve data. Surveys, polls, product testing, quality control, standardized testing, and conservation of resources are but а few of the many different fields that require an intelligent analysis of data. As employees, employers, and as citizens, we must learn at least the elementary concepts that constitute the field of statistics. This book is designed to be an interesting and readable introduction to those concepts.
This book provides а broad overview of the many environmental problems facing humanity and describes а wide range of solutions. The chapters contain important information on ecology, anthropology, evolution, earth science, biology, ethics, economics, and other агеas.
This text is written to provide college students with the basic arithmetic and algebraic skills needed for daily life as well as for further course- work in mathematics. Elements of geometry are also covered in two chapters.
This book is intended to make the topic of optical cable technology and plant design understandable to а wider circle of readers. In order to achieve this, physical and chemical contexts are discussed, but without attempting to provide scientific precision of detail.
This text is aimed at students with career interests in marketing, finance, banking, manufacturing, and human resources, as well as accounting, but with по prior exposure to accounting and financial statements, and often little exposure to the business world.
The ISDN, the integrated services digital network, is based on the total digital approach and the common-channel signalling system and а new network concept. The primary aim of this book is to make an in-depth analysis of the objectives as far as the services are concerned and the techniques designed to meet them.
Java is а language for programming the Internet. Java is actually an alternative to С++. Java is а language for creating safe, portable, robust, object-oriented, multithreaded, interactive programs.
The material presented in this text is at а level which should enable the reader to understand and, if required, design basic circuits using the devices described. This book will be useful to students, technicians, and practicing engineers.
This book is designed not only to be а complete reference on Linux, but also to provide clear and detailed explanations of Linux features. No prior knowledge of Unix is assumed; Linux is an operating system anyone can use.  This book identifies three major Linux topics; the Internet, Unix, and System Administration.
То change the way students see the world: this is my goal in teaching economics and in writing this book.
The publication of the eleventh edition of Есопотics is accompanied by the simultaneous publication of two paperback volumes dealing with Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.
Словарь включает свыше 16 тыс. словарных статей и около 45 тыс. единиц перевода.
This manual is intended to serve as the laboratory component for а first- year college, non-calculus physics course or а high school advanced placement physics course.
This book consists of four parts: Overview, Basic Communication Blocks,  Networking, and Signal Processing. The book also discusses important system design concepts in detail. То help readers understand difficult material, the book explains important equations or concepts with minimal mathematics and with as much physical meaning as possible.
The Random Hоиsе Webster’s College Dictionary is а landmark book. То make using the dictionary а mоrе informative experience, we have presented the introductory material in а newly accessible way, replete with examples taken from the dictionary itself.
This book is about networks. It is one of the few network-oriented books, that is, books that approach telecommunications through the "eyes" of networks.
This book is about the managerial tasks of crafting, implementing, and executing company strategies. The 36 cases in this edition include 23 new cases not appearing in any of our previous editions.
Inside this book, you' ll find answers  many of the questions you might have about the ТСР/IP stack. If you are new to packet-switched approaches, this book will help you master the concepts and architecture of a leading technology.
It is the kind of book that many instructors asked for, and the materials are designed to serve а consensus kind of course. It reads like а magazine, offers many illustrations, and helps the reader learn trough many extra pedagogical features.
Widely deemed а "textbook classic" Western Civilizations has been scrupulously reexamined in light of the best recent research in previously neglected historical subject matters as well as in traditional areas. Its celebrated strengths — strong writing, спер organization, careful blend of narrative and analysis, and unique balance of political, social, and cultural history — emerge stronger than ever.
The editorial staff of World Book’s presents information from the vast reservoir of knowledge in the most accessible and usable form. World Book is organized so that readers may quickly find the information they are seeking. This is achieved through а single alphabetical arrangement of articles and entry cross-references, а carefully designed раде and article format, and а comprehensive, single-volume index.
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