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Julia Starr Keddle   New Headway English Course
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Beginner student's book
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Beginner Workbook with key
Amanda Maris   New Headway Beginner Teacher's Book
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Liz and John Soars   New Headway Elementary student's book
Amanda Maris   New Headway Elementary tests
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Elementary Workbook with key
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Intermediate student's book
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Intermediate Workbook with key
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Pre-Intermediate student's book
Lindsay White   New Headway Pre-Intermediate tests
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Pre-Intermediate Workbook with key
Graham Workman   Phrasal Verbs and Idioms
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Upper-Intermediate student's book
Amanda Maris   New Headway Upper-Intermediate Test Booklet
Liz and John Soars   New Headway Upper-Intermediate student's book
Musayev Q.   English stylistics
    Basic Grammar in Use (2nd edition)
    GRID COMPUTING.The New Frontier of High Performance Computing
    Grid Infrastructure Monitoring Service.Framework Jiro/JMX Based Implementation
Thomas Barth   Grid Computing Konzepte, Anwendungen,Technologien
    Grid Computing.Harnessing the power of many to deliver high performance
Robert Cohen   Grid Computing.Projected Impact on North Carolinas.Economy & Broadband Use through 2010Dr.
    Grid Computing.Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality
    Grid Networks.Enabling Grids with Advanced Communication Technology
    Grid Computing.Experiment Management, Tool Integration,and Scientific Workflows
    Utility Computing and Global Grids
    The mobile revolution : the making of mobile services worldwide
Penrod Diane   Composition in convergence : the impact of new media on writing assessment
    OECD e-Goverment Studies
    Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks IP, UMTS, EGPRS and ATM
    A Model for Calculating Interconnection Costs in Telecommunications
Satimov G   Legal English
Ivan Bayross   Practical ASP
    Java Enterprise Best Practices
Brett McLaughlin   Java & XML
Bautts T.   LINUX Network Administrator's Guide
Ivan Bayross   Database Concepts and Systems
Cassell P.   Microsoft Access 2000 in 21 Days
Jonathan Corbet   Linux Device Drivers
Ivan Bayross   Application Development with Oracle & PHP on Linux for Beginners
Steven Feuerstein   Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Mike Ault   Oracle Disk 1/O Tuning
Ivan Bayross   Mastering Database Technologies
    Oracle Essentials
David Brickner   Linux Desktop Pocket Guide
    Comdex computer course kit (Professional Edition 2003)
    Comdex Computer Course Kit (XP Edition)
C.J. Date   Database in Depth Relational Theory for Practitioners
Arun Kumar R.   Easy Oracle Automation Oracle 1Og Automatic Storage, Memory and Diagnostic Features
Donald K. Burleson   Creating a Self- Tuning Oracle Database Automating Oracle9i Dynamic SGA Performance
Soma Dasgupta   Visual Basic to Advance
Elliotte Rusty Harold   Java Network Programming, Third Edition
Jesse Liberty   Programming Visual Basic 2005
Jesse Liberty   Programming ASP.NET, Third Edition
Dejan Sarka   Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005:T-SQL Programming
    Inside XML
David Flanagan   Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, Second Edition
    Praise for Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML
Evan Lenz   Office 2003 XML
Danny Goodman   JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook
    Microsoft Word Version 6.0
Muminov Amanjan   A Guide to consecutive translation
Michael Parkin   Macroeconomics
Andrea Steelman   murachs Java servlets and JSP
Daniel J.   Linux Pocket Guide
Michael A   ASP.NET 2.0 Cookbook
    Advance praise for Head First Servlets & JSP
Ken Getz   Access Cookbook
Joseph D. Sloan   High Performance Linux Clusters with OSCAR, Rocks, openMasix and MPI
    Praise for Building Embedded Linux Systems
Elliotte Rusty Harold   XML in a Nutshell, Third Edition
V.K. Jain   Database management Systems
Ivan Bayross   Web Enabled Commercial Applications Development Using Java 2
Ned Snell   to Create Web Pages in 24 Hours
Ivan Bayross   HTML, DHTML,Java Script, Perl CGI
Shefali P.   First Encounter with Java Including Blue
Daniel P. Bovet   Understanding the Linux Kernel
Sanjay Mishra   Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference
Steven Roman   Access Database Design and Programming
Andrew Stellman   Applied Software Project Management
Bill Mc.Carty   SELinux: NSAs Open Source Security Enhanced Linux
    Compute Concepts and Windows
    Microsoft Access Relational Database Management System for Windows Version 2.0
Jennifer Nieders   Learning Web Design, Second Edition A Beginners Guide To HTML, Graphics, and Beyond
Gregor N.   Linux iptables Pocket Reference
Rajnikant Puranik   The Art of Creative Destruction
Er.V. K. Jain   Databse management systems
Bill Pribyl   Learning Oracle PL/SQL
Sanjay Mishra   Mastering Oracle SQL, Second Edition
Dr. K. Chandrashekar Shet   Software engineering & quality assurance
Jennifer Niederst Robbins   Web Design in a Nutshell, Third Edition
Bruce W. Perry   Java Servlet and JSP Cookbook
Brett Mc.Laughlin   Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume I: Architecture
Richard Monson-Haefe   Enterprise JavaBeans, Fourth Edition
Ellen Siever   Linux in a Nutshell, Fifth Edition
Michael D. Bauer   Building Secure Servers with Linux
Tom Adelstein   Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop
Steven Holzner   HTML Black Book
Anne Prince   murachs ASP.NET web programming with VB.NET
Kimberly Floss   Oracle SQL Tuning & CBO Internals
John Garmany   Easy Oracle SQL Get Started Fast writing SQL Reports with SQL Plus
K. J. George   Operating System Concepts and Principles
Wei-Meng Lee   ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer's Notebook
Arup Nanda   Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs
Greg Perry   Sams Teach Yourself in 24 Hours
Anne Boehm   murachs ASP.NET 2.0 web programming with VB 2005
Matthew MacDonald   Visual Basic 2005: A Developer's Notebook
Steve McConnell   After the gold rush
Matt Welsh   Running Linux, Fourth Edition
Dr. R.C.Joshi   Operating systems a simplified methodological approach
Eric Freeman   Head First Design Patterns
Roderick W.Smith   Linux in a Windows World
Kathy Sierra   Advance praise for Head First EJB
Robert Bruce Thompson   Building the Perfect PC
John Zukowski   Mastering Java2, J2SE 1.4
Steve Bass   PC Annoyances How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Your Personal Computer
Kathy Sierra   Head First Java Second Edition
Tim Patrick   Visual Basic 2005 in a Nutshell
David HM Spector   Building Linux Clusters

Robert Bruce Thompson   PC Hardware in a Nutshell, Third Edition
Danny Goodman   Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, Second Edition
Musayev Q.   English stylistics
Joraeva U.   Ingliz tili
Nayimov S.N.   Deutsch
Cherepanova T.P.   Deutsch im Beruf (Fiir philologische fakultaten)
Abdullayeva A.B.   Deutsch
Satimov G   Legal English.For law students
William A. McEachern   Economics .A Contemporary Introduction
R.A.Nill.   Strategik Financial Management
Frederic S. Mishkin   The Economics of Money Banking and Financial Markets
    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
    Project Management Handbook
Scott Kostojohn   CRM Fundamentals
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Investment Analysis
    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    Software Verification and Analysis.An Integrated, Hands-On Approach
    Fundamentals of Relational
Raghu Ramakrishnan   Database Management Systems
Ahmed Seffah   Human-Centered Software.Engineering - Integrating Usability in the Software Development Lifecycle
Ajay D. Kshemkalyani   Distributed Computing Principles, Algorithms, and Systems.
Keng SiaU   SyStemS AnalySiS and DeSign: People, ProceSSeS and ProjectS
Sommerville Ian   Software engineering
George Coulouris   DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS.Concepts and Design
Root Randal   Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions
    Beyond Software Architecture: Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions
Gavin Ambrose   The fundamentals of Creative Design
Jonathan Stark   Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Donald Hearn   Comruter Graphics C Version
    User-Centered Design
Carol Righi   User-Centered Design Stories
Jennifer Niederst Robbins   Learning Web Design
David Salomon   The Computer Graphics Manual
Shashank Khanvilkar   Multimedia Networks and Communication
Colin Perkings   RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet
Irina Avetisova   Multimedia Services in Mobile and Wireless Environments
JENQ-NENG HWANG   Multimedia Networking :From Theory to Practice
JAMES MCGOVERN   Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures:Concepts, Challenges, Recommendations
ERIC A. MARKS   Service-Oriented Architecture
Greg Shields   The Shortcut Guide To:Network Management for the Mid-Market
Alexander Clemm, Ph.D.   Network Management Fundamentals
Elisa Bertino   Security for Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures
S.Kyle Gabhart   Service Oriented Architecture Field Guide for Executives
Mike Rosen   Applied SOA.Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies
James Lawler   Service-oriented architecture : SOA strategy, methodology, and technology
Nicolai M. Josuttis   SOA in Practice
Thomas Erl   SOA: Principles of Service Design
Richard Hallows   IELTS express:Intermediate. Coursebook
    Answers to All TOEFL Essay Questions
Pamela J. Sharpe   How to prepare for the TOEFL test : test of English as a foreign language
. .   Business english.
Pauline Cullen   Cambridge vocabulary for IELTS with answers
Rawdon Wyatt   TOEFL
William Stallings   Cryptography and Network security Principles and practice
Ze-Nian Li   Fundamentals of Multimedia
Santiago Remacha Esteras   Infotech English for computer users
Shashank Khanvilkar   Multimedia Networks and Communication
JENQ-NENG HWANG   Multimedia Networking
Malcolm Johnson   Security in Telecommunications and Information Technology
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: Teachers book Course 1
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: students book Course 1
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: workbook Course 1
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: Teachers book Course 2
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: students book Course 2
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: workbook Course 2
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: Teachers book Course 3
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: students book Course 3
Boqiyeva G.   Scale Up: workbook Course 3
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Hassan Gomaa   Software Modeling and Design
Milorad Cvijetic   Advanced Optical Communication.Systems and Networks
James D. McCabe   In Praise of Computer Networks
Gavriel Salvendy   Human Factors and Ergonomics
Alan Burns   Real-Time Systems and Programming languages
James Michael Stewart   Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Michael Howard   Writing secure code
Jeffrey Richter   CLR via C#
Labrosse J.   MicroC/OS- II
Richard D. Stutzke   Estimating Software-Intensive Systems
Barry L.   Information Security Policy Development for Compliance
Jeff Mc Wherter   Profeccional Mobile Application Development
Urban G.   Springer Series on Chemical Sensors and Biosensors
Barbee Davis   97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know
    National informatization white paper
John Wiley   Interaction design beyond human-computer interaction
Boqiyeva G.   English-uzbek uzbek-english dictionary
Suzanne B.   Structured computer organization
Stuart J. Russell   Artificial Intelligence Second Edition
Stuart J. Russell   Artificial Intelligence a modem approach
Christian V. Stevens   Industrial Applications of Natural Fibres
Adrian Kosmaczewski   Mobile JavaScript Application Development
Jain Er.V.K.   Database management systems
Pankaj Jalote   A Concise Introduction to Software Engineering
Larry M.   Principles of Accounting.com
Kai Qian   Embedded Software Development with C
David B. Kirk   Programming Massively Parallel Processors
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Distrubuted systems
Hartmut Konig   Protocol Engineering
Watts S. Humphrey   Introduction to the Personal Software Process SM
Stuart Gray   Information Technology in a Global Society
Bjarne Stroustrup   Modern C++ Design
Jason Wei   Android Database Programming
Alan Watt   3D Computer Graphics
Paul Ammann   Introduction to software testing
Richard Szeliski   Computer Vision
    Interactive media-whats that?
Philip J. Pratt   Concepts of database management
Jane W. S. Liu   Real-Time Systems
Richard Bejtlich   The practice of networks security monitoring
Javier Faulin   Simulation Methods for Reliability and Availability of Complex Systems
Ivan P. Kaminow   Optical Fiber Telecommunications VIB
Reto Meier   Android M4 Application Development
Ian H. Witten   Data Mining Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Pearson Education Limited
Steven M. Bragg   Accounting Best Practices
Lauren Darcey   Android Wireless Application Development
Richard Hall Thayer   Software Engineering Essentials
John W. Satzinger   Systems analysis and design
Martin Evening   Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers
Thomas Stahl   Model- Driven Software Development
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Operating systemsDesign and Implementation
Arash Habibi Lashkari   Mobile Operating Systems and Programming
Barbara Obermeier   Photoshop Elements 12 All-in-One For Dummies
Armando Fox   Engineering Software as a Service: An Agile Approach Using Cloud Computing First Edition, 1.1.1
Tammy Noergaard   Embedded Systems Architecture
Nadia Butaud   Patrick Modiano
Mark G. Sobell   Praise for Previous Editions of a Practical Guide to Linux
I. Scott MacKenzi   Human-Computer Interaction
Dieter Rombach   The Fraunhofer IESE Series on Software and Systems Engineering
Dane Cameron   A Software Engineer Learns HTML5, Java Script & jQuery
C. J. Date   Database Design and Relational Theory
    Report of the Regional Director on the work of who in the European Region in 2012-2013
Mark Rhodes   Information Security
Natalia Olifer   COMPUTER NETWORKS. Principles, Technologies and Protocols
for Network Design
Thomas R . Peltier   Information security fundamentals
John Vacca   Computer and Information Security Handbook
DAVID KIM   Fundamentals of Information Systems Security
Mark Ryan M.Talabis   Information Security RiskAssessment Toolkit
Michael E. Whitman   Principles of information security
Richard E. Smith   Elementary information security
Jacek Makinia   Mathematical modelling and computer simulation of activated sludge systems
Craig S. Mullins   Database administration : the complete guide to DBA practices and procedures
Jason Andress   The basics of information security : understanding the fundamentals of InfoSec in theory and practice
Jaan Kiusalaas   Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB
Otto S.R.   An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Methods in MATLAB
Erik Dahlman   3G evolution: HSPA and LTE for mobile broadband
Martin Sauter   3G, 4G and beyondbringing networks, devices and the web together
Erik Dahlman   4G LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband
Haohong Wang   4G wireless video communications download
Luis Guasch J.   Quality Systems and Standards for a Competitive Edge
Paul Nation   4000 Essential English Words 1
Paul Nation   4000 Essential English Words 3
Sheldon Ross   A first course in probability
Rutth Rosario   Monitoring and Evaluation Case Studies of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders
Ruth Rosario   Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit
Mark Christiansen   Adobe After Effects CC. Visual Effects and Compositing. Studio Techniques
Ajay R. Mishra   Advancedcellular network lanning and optimisation 2G/2.5G/3G... evolution to 4G
Savo G. Glisic   Advanced Wireless Communications 4G Cognitive and Cooperative Broadband Technology
Savo Glisic   ADVANCED WIRELESS NETWORKS Cognitive, Cooperative and Opportunistic 4G Technology
Constantine A. Balanis   Antenna theory analysis and design
Fred Hopengarten   Antenna Zoning Broadcast, Cellular & Mobile Radio, Wireless InternetLaws, Permits & Leases
Zhi Ning Chen   Antennas for portable devices
Yi Huang  

Antennas from theory to practice

Martin Sauter   Beyond 3G Bringing Networks, Terminals and the Web Together
    Standards and conformity assessment
Steve Gorshe   Broadband access wireline and wireless alternatives for internet services
Leonid G. Kazovsky   Broadband optical Access networks
Rogier Noldus   Camel intelligent networks for the GSM, GPRS and UMTS network
Silke Holtmanns   Cellular authentication for mobile and internet services
Nishith D. Tripathi   Cellular Communications a Comprehensive and Practical Guide
Husni Hammuda   Cellular Mobile Radio Systems. designing systems for capacity optimization
Ajay R. Mishra   Cellular technologies for emerging markets. 2G, 3G and beyond
DeWayne B. Sharp   Measurement Standards
    CMS Certification Handbook
Andre Neubauer   Coding Theory. Algorithms, Architectures, and Applications

Kwang-Cheng Chen   Cognitive Radio Networks
David Hutchison   Core and metro networks
Thomas H. Cormen   Introduction to Algorithms
Ayman Elnashar   Design, deployment and performance of 4G-LTE networks. A practical approach
Barbara Ballard   Designing the Mobile User Experience
Wilhelm Burger   Digital Image Processing. An algorithmic introduction using Java
Grigorios Kalivas   Digital radio system design
Kenneth H. Rosen   Discrete mathematics and its applications
Matthias Wolfel   Distant speech recognition
Andreas F. Molisch   Wireless communications
Ulrich Turke   Efficient Methods for WCDMA Radio Network Planning and Optimization
Apostolis K. Salkintzis   Emerging wireless multimedia services and technologies
Gmez G.   End-to-end quality of service over cellular networks. Data services performance and optimization in 2G/3G
Vijayaraghavan G. K.   Engineering metrology and measurements
Joseph Boccuzzi   Femtocells: Design & Application
Jie Zhang   Femtocells: Technologies And Deployment
Joseph Hoy   Forensic radio survey techniques for cell site analysis
Martin Sauter   From GSM to LTE-advanced. An introduction to mobile networks and mobile broadband
Jonathan Rodriguez   Fundamentals of 5G Mobile Networks
Trevor S.   Fundamentals of aperture antennas and arrays. From theory to design, fabrication and testing
Ajay R. Mishra   Fundamentals of Cellular Network Planning and Optimisation. 2G/2.5G/3G... Evolution to 4G
Peter McGuiggan   GPRS in practice a companion to the specifications
Geoff Sanders   GPRS Networks
Jorg Eberspacher   GSM Architecture, Protocols and Services
Timo Halonen   GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance
Mikko Saily   GSM/EDGE evolution and performance
Ibrahim K. F.   Newnes guide to television and video technology
Tapan K. Sarkar   History of wireless
Harri Holma   HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS. High Speed Radio Access for Mobile Communications
Harri Holma   HSPA+evolution to release 12. Performance and optimization
Pablo Tapia   HSPA performance and evolution a practical perspective
Phil Hughes   Introduction to health and safety at work
Khalid Al-Begain   IMS: A development and deployment perspective
Morten Tolstrup   Indoor Radio Planning. A Practical Guide for GSM, DCS, UMTS and HSPA
Morten Tolstrup   Indoor Radio Planning. A Practical Guide for GSM, DCS, UMTS, HSPA and LTE
Yoshihiko Akaiwa   Introduction to digital mobile communication
Lawrence R. Rabiner   Introduction to Digital Speech Processing
Jeffrey R. Chasnov   Introduction to Numerical Methods
Jerome Duvernoy   Training material on metrology and calibration
Ken Dancyger   The technique of film and video editing
Hee Joon SONG   Knowledge sharing series. Issue 1. ICT for Development Institution Building
Heung Youl YOUM   Knowledge Sharing Series. Issue 2. Cybersecurity
Emmanuel C. Lallana   Knowledge Sharing Series. Issue 3. GCIO Development in Developing Countries
Patricia Arinto   Handbook on Instructional Design for the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders
Chris Johnson   Long term evolution in bullets
Stefania Sesia   LTE The UMTS Long Term Evolution
Moray Rumney   LTE and the evolution to 4G wireless
Esa Markus Metsala   LTE backhaul planning and optimization
Harri Holma   LTE for UMTS OFDMA and SC-FDMA Based Radio Access
Dan Forsberg   LTE SECURITY
Seppo Hamalainen   LTE SELF-organising networks (son) Network management automation for operational efficiency
Abd-Elhamid M. Taha   LTE, LTE-Advanced And WiMAX Towards IMT-Advanced networks
Ralf Kreher   LTE signaling, troubleshooting, and optimization
Stefania Sesia   LTE The UMTS Long Term Evolution
Scott A. Fowler   LTE-Advanced DRX Mechanism for Power Saving
Ezio Biglieri  

MIMO Wireless Communications

Lajos Hanzo   MIMO-OFDM for LTE, Wi-Fi and WiMAX
Yong Soo Cho   MIMO-OFDM wireless communications with matlab
Daniel Ralph   MMS Technologies, Usage and Business Models
Krzysztof Wesolowski   Mobile Communication Systems
Sajal Kumar Das   Mobile handset design
Laurence T. Yang   Mobile Intelligence
Michael Becker   -Mobile Marketing For Dummies
Frank H. P. Fitzek   Mobile peer to peer (P2P)
Joao Figueiras   Mobile Positioning and Tracking
Adrian W. Graham   Mobile Radio Network Design in the VHF and UHF Bands
Bernhard H. Walke   Mobile Radio Networks
Sassan Ahmadi   Mobile WiMAX A Systems Approach to Understanding IEEE 802.16m Radio Access Technology
Maciej Stasiak   Modeling and dimensioning of mobile networks from GSM to LTE
F. Perez Fontan   Modeling the Wireless Propagation Channel A Simulation Approach with MATLAB
Evgenii Krouk   Modulation and coding techniques in wireless communications
K. Fazel   Multi-Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems
Gwenael Le Bodic   Multimedia Messaging Service An Engineering Approach to MMS
Mohsen Guizani   Network modeling and simulation a practical perspective
Minoru Etoh   Next Generation Mobile Systems 3G and Beyond
W. Benz   Numerical methods Lecture notes
Guoqing Li   OFDM-Based Broadband Wireless Networks
Eoin O`Sullivan   Role of Standardisation in support of Emerging Technologies
Steve Pollock   Eyewitness Ecology
Stephan Sand   Positioning in wireless communications systems
    Primer Series on ICTD for Youth.Primer 1: An Introduction to ICT for Development
Maria Juanita R. Macapagal   Primer Series on ICTD for Youth.Primer 2: Project Management and ICTD
Asian Disaster   Primer Series on ICTD for Youth.Primer 3: ICT for Disaster Risk Management
Asian Disaster   Primer Series on ICTD for Youth.Primer 4: An Introduction to ICT,Climate Change and Green Growth
    System Design, Modeling, and Simulation. using Ptolemy II
Sergey V. Muravyov   Teaching measurement theory in metrology,standardization and certification
David Soldani   QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems
Chris Johnson   Radio access networks for UMTS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE
Jukka Lempiainen   Radio interface system planning for GSM/GPRS/UMTS
Jaana Laiho   Radio Network Planning and Optimisation for UMTS
SeungJune Yi   Radio protocols for LTE and LTE-ADVANCED
Ekram hossain   Radio resource management in multi-tier cellular wireless networks
Jordi Perez-Romero   Radio resource management strategies in UMTS
Shahid K. Siddiqui   Roaming in Wireless Networks
    Standardization in the field of Engineering Metrology
Friedhelm Hillebrand   Short message service (sms)
    1-Signaling System #7
Soumya Sen   Smart data pricing
Stijn N. P.   Study of soft handover in UMTS
Heikki Koivo   Systems engineering in wireless communications
    Role of standards A guide for small and medium-sized enterprises

Jack L. Burbank   Wireless Networking. Understanding Internetworking Challenges
Ray Horak   Telecommunications and data communications handbook
Villy B. Iversen   Teletraffic engineering and network planning
Dan Fox   Testing UMTS. Assuring Conformance and Quality of UMTS User Equipment
Miikka Poikselka   The IMS IP multimedia concepts and services
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen   The LTE/SAE deployment handbook
Philip Sugai   The six immutable laws of mobile business
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen   The Telecommunications Handbook Engineering Guidelines for Fixed, Mobile and Satellite Systems
William Webb   Wireless Communications: The Future
Thomas Kaiser   Ultra wideband systems with mimo
Walke B.   UMTS
Cornelia Kappler   UMTS networks and beyond
Heikki Kaaranen   UMTS Networks Architecture, Mobility and Services
Ralf Kreher   UMTS Performance Measurement A Practical Guide to KPIs for the UTRAN Environment
Jukka Lempiainen   UMTS radio network planning, optimization and QoS management for practical engineering tasks
Valtteri Niemi   UMTS Security
Kreher R.   UMTS signaling
Markus Rupp   Video and Multimedia Transmissions over Cellular Networks
Arnaud Henry-Labordere   Virtual roaming systems for GSM, GPRS and UMTS open connectivity in practice
Miikka Poikselka   Voice over lte VoLTE
Ward Cheney   Numerical mathematics and computing
Christophe Chevallier   WCDMA (UMTS) deployment handbook Planning and Optimization Aspects
Harri Holma   WCDMA FOR UMTS Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications
Wei Liu   Wideband beamforming concepts and techniques
Seok-Yee Tang   WiMAX security and quality of service an end-to-end perspective
Hakima Chaouchi   Wireless and Mobile Network Security
Giorgio M. Vitetta   Wireless communications algorithmic techniques
Volker Kuhn   Wireless Communications over MIMO Channels
Thomas D. Nadeau   SDN: Software Defined Networks
Usha Rani   Module 1 The Linkage between ICT Applications and Meaningful Development
Emmanuel C. Lallana   Module 2 ICT for Development Policy, Process and Governance
Nag Yeon Lee   Module 3 e-Government Applications
Rajnesh D. Singh   Module 4 ICT Trends for Government Leaders
Ang Peng Hwa   Module 5 Internet Governance
Korea Internet   Module 6 Information Security and Privacy
Maria Juanita R.   Module 7 ICT Project Management in Theory and Practice
Richard Labelle   Module 8 Options for Funding ICT for Development

Richard Labelle   Module 9 ICT for Disaster Risk Management
Richard Labelle   Module 10 ICT, Climate Change and Green Growth
Emmanuel C.   Module 11 Social Media for Development
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS. Principles and Paradigms
Gavriel Salvendy   The Human- Computer Interaction Handbook
Ravi Sandhu   Operating System Security
Alexander Clemm   Network Management Fundamentals
Sandy Carter   The New Language of Business
Anthony T. Velte   Cloud Computing:A Practical Approach
James M.   Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures
Atabaev B. A.   Teaching of descriptive geometry and engineering graphics with the use of computer at technical universities
Sacha Krakowiak   Middleware Architecture with Patterns and Frameworks
Behrouz A.   Data Communications and Networking
Michel C. Jeruchim   Simulation of Communication Systems
Pter Kacsuk   Distributed and Parallel Systems:Cluster and Grid Computing
Fei Hu   A Survey on Software-Defined Network and OpenFlow: From Concept to Implementation
Ramez Elmasri   Database Systems
George Coulouris   Distributed systems.Concepts and Design
Toni Janevski   NGN architectures,protocols and services
Sacha Krakowiak   Middleware Architecture with Patterns and Frameworks
KlausWehrle   Modeling and Tools for Network Simulation
    Network Management.Configuration Guide
Greg Shields   Network Management for the Mid-Market
M. Guizani   Network modeling and simulation : a practical perspective
Esad Saitovi   Network Monitoring and Management Recommendations
Sebastian Abeck   Network Management.Know It All
Nick Feamster   The Road to SDN: An Intellectual History of Programmable Networks
    The SDN Solutions Showcase
    Software-Defined Networking:The New Norm for Networks
Weijia Jia   Distributed network systems.From Concepts to Implementations
Thomas D. Nadeau   SDN: Software Defined Networks
Elliotte Rusty Harold   Java Network Programming, Fourth Edition
Behrouz A. Forouzan   TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Keir Davis   The Definitive Guide to Linux Network Programming
James F. Kurose   Computer networking : a top-down approach
Mohamed E.   Electrical Power Systems Desi
David J.   Nanostructure Science and Technology
Alfred V.   ompilers principles, techniques, and tools
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Structured computer organization
Vladimir S. Bagotsky   Electrochemical power sources : batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors
    Battery Standards
    Battery in a portable world
Crompton T. R.   Battery Reference Book
Craig B. Arnold   Batteries and Energy Storage
    Sharing battery knowledge
Bjarne Stroustrup   Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ Second Edition
Reinout Vader   Energy Unlimited
C. A. Vincent   Modern batteries. An Introduction Electrochemical to Power Sources Second Edition
Maja Zumer   Guidelines for National Bibliographies in the Electronic Age
Isidor Buchmann   Batteries in a portable world
Barrie Sosinsky   Cloud Computing Bible
    Cloud Computing Tutorial
Tim Mather   Cloud Security and Privacy
John L. Hennessy   Computer architecture
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Computer networks
Gerard J. Holzmann   Design and validation of computer protocols
William E. Perry   Effective Methods for Software Testing
Edmund H.Conrow   Implementing risk management on software intensive projects
Hee Joon Song   E-Government in developing countries
Zhengcheng Zhang   Rechargeable Batteries
Gatling   Enterprise Information Management with SAP
Cory Altheide   Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools
Abdulwahab Olanrewaju Issa   Fundamentals of library and information science
Gregor Hohpe   Enterprise Integration Patterns Designing, Building,and Deploying Messaging Solutions
David Linden   Handbook of batteries
Donald M. Bush   Handbook of Secondary Storage Batteries and Charge Regulators in Photovoltaic Systems Final Report
    Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
    Respiratory protective equipment at work
Maria Predoi   Mathematical analysis vol. I differential calculus
Thomas Erl   SOA Design Patterns
Alexander Clemm   Network Management Fundamentals
Michael Roper   Analysing business systems
Herbert Schildt   Java.A Beginners Guide Sixth Edition
Kiehne H. A.   Battery technology handbook second edition
Daphne Koller   Probabilistic Graphical Models Principles and Techniques
Rose Mary Magrill   Evaluation by Type of Library
    What Are Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Supercapacitors?
Claudio Canuto   Mathematical analysis I
Claudio Canuto   Mathematical analysis II
Sue Fenley   Multimedia Design Decisions,Visualisations and the Users Experience
Thomas Erl   Service-Oriented Architecture A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services
    Introduction to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
    Technical Manual Powersports Batteries
Robin Sharp   Principles of Protocol Design
Satya Komatineni   Pro Android 4
Reto Meier   Professional android 4 application development
Marcia 1. Horton   Artificial intelligence a modern approach
Les Dlabay   Principles of Business
Jo Ann Lane   Modern Tools to Support DoD Software Intensive System of Systems Cost Estimation
Ralph E. Scheidler   Introduction to batteries and charging systems
Adam Drozdek   Data Structures and Algorithms in C++
Christopher D. Manning   An Introduction to Information Retrieval
James Mcgovern   Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures Concepts, Challenges, Recommendations
Francisco J. Martinez-Lopez   Handbook of Strategic e-Business Management
Fridman A. E.   The Quality of Measurements A Metrological Reference
Alan Jeffrey   Advanced engineering mathematics
Simon C. Parker   The Economics of Entrepreneurship
John Viega   Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++
Thiru Kumar Jayanth   Mathematics I & II diploma course in engineering
Raymond A. Serway   Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics
Erwin Kreyszig   Advanced engineering mathematics
David C.Lay   Linear Algebra and it's applications
Gary Mc Graw   Addison-Wesley Software Security Series
    Differential Calculus
Cay Horstmann   C++ for everyone
    Secure Programming in Java
Robert C. Seacord   Secure Coding in C and C++
Ward Cheney   Numerical Mathematics and Computing, Sixth edition
    Transmission system for digital terrestrial television broadcasting
Stephen Brown   Fundamentals of digital logic with VHDL design
    Challenge problems
Richard E. Mayer   Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning
Shafinah Farvin Packeer Mohamed   An Exploratory Study on Agile based Software Development Practices
Bjarne Stroustrup   Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ Second Edition
Daniel D. Galorath   The 10 Step Software Estimation Process For Successful Software Planning, Measurement and Control
    Introduction to design & analysis of algorithms
Andrew s. Tanenbaum   Computer networks. Fifth edition
Andreas P.   Model-Driven Development of Interactive Multimedia Applications
Mihai Liviu   Comparative study on software development methodologies
Mark G. Sobell   A Practical Guide to Linux Commands,Editors, and Shell Programming
Herbert Schildt   Java Ninth Edition
Carol Vernallis   Unruly Media
Wei-Meng Lee   Beginning Android Application Development
Craig A. Tracy   Lectures on Differential Equations
Alan Dix   HumanComputer Interaction
Kathy Schwalbe   Information Technology Project Management Seventh Edition
Capers Jones   The Economics of Software Quality
Pagaporn Pengsart   Network Management Using XDD
John Bird   Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology
Roger L. Freeman   Telecommunication System Engineering
Roger L. Freeman   Fundamentals of Telecommunications Second Edition
Peter Ward   Picture Composition for Film and Television Second edition
Ben Long   The digital filmmaking handbook third edition
Hellmut R.Lang   Models,strategies,and methods for effective teaching
Fred Gerantabee   Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Digital Classroom
Barbara Gross Davis   Tools for teaching
Sheldon M. Ross   A Solution Manual for:A First Course In Probability
    Fundamentals of telecommunications.Friday, July 27, 2012
Richard E. Rubin   Foundations of Library and Information Science
Alan Dix   HumanComputer Interaction . Third Edition
James Stewart   Single Variable Calculus Concepts and Contexts
Larry L. Peterson   Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
A.B.M. Moniruzzaman   Comparative Study on Agile software development methodologies
Diego Kreutz   Software-Defined Networking:A Comprehensive Survey
Tony Bush   Educational leadership and management:theory, policy, and practice
Mohammed Alshehri   E-government fundamentals
Toni Janevski   NGN architectures, protocols and services
Thomas D. Nadeau   SDN: Software Defined Networks
Steven Ascher   The filmmakershandbook
Roger L. Freeman   Telecommunication System Engineering. Fourth Edition
    Adobe Photoshop CS6 classroom in a book
Anany Levitin   Introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms
Ian Sommerville   Software engineering
Michael K. Hughes   Digital Filmmaking for Beginners A Practical Guide to Video Production
Mark G. Sobell   A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux
Thomas C.   Including second order differential equations
Nadia Bozak   The Cinematic Footprint
Stephen T. Thornton   Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers,Fourth Edition
Watts S. Humphrey   The Team Software ProcessSM (TSPSM)
Sonja Schenk   The Digital Filmmaking Handbook Fourth Edition
    Signals and Systems
Alfred V.Aho   Compilers priciples, techniques, and tools
    Admissions guidelines
Fred Gerantabee   Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Digital Classroom
Erwin Kreyszig   Advanced engineering mathematics. 9 th edition
Erwin Kreyszig   Advanced engineering mathematics. 10th edition
Lynn H. Loomis   Advanced calculus
    The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
    Advanced Algebra
Norbert Euler   A first course in ordinary differential equations
    Analytic Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions
Andrew S. Tanenbaum   Structured computer organization. 6th ed
Johnson R. S.   An introduction to partial differential equations
Jeremy Pickles   Applied mathematics by example:exercises
Hassan Gomaa   SWE 621:Software Modeling and Architectural Design
Sacha Krakowiak   Middleware Architecture with Patterns and Frameworks
Bjarne Stroustrup   The C++ programming language Fourth edition
Weijia Jia   Distributed network systems from foncepts to Implementations
Stephen D. Sorden   The Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning
Chung S. K.   Understanding Basic Calculus
Patrick Griffin   Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills
Robert E. Terrell   Notes on Differential Equations
Watts S. Humphrey   The Team Software ProcessSM (TSPSM)
Bob Kizlik   Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation in Education
Ben Long   The Digital Filmmaking Handbook
Khaled M.Foud Elsayed   Fundamentals of telecommunications
Brue McConnell   Economics Principles, Problems, and Policies
Kathy Schwalbe   Information Technology Project Management,Seventh Edition
Les Bell   Education Policy
Ridwan Mohamed   Educational Evaluation and Testing
Ruth Colvin Clark   e-Learning and the Science of Instruction
Wenlong Wang   Elementary algebra exercise. Book 1
Kenneth Kuttler   Elementary linear algebra
Muhammad Ali Babar   Agile Software Architecture
Song Hee Joon   E-Government of Korea
    Information Security: Principles and Practice, 2nd edition Errata
Erik Poll   Software Security Introduction
Michael Batty  

Essential Engineering mathematics

    Differential and integral calculus
Donald L. Vossler   Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica
Fei Hu   A Survey on Software-Defined Network and OpenFlow: From Concept to Implementation
Richard Baraniuk   Signals and Systems
Ben Long   The Digital Filmmaking Handbook
    Shooting the Movie
    A "CS 1.5" Introduction to Web Programming
James F. Kurose   Computer networking : a top-down approach

Math 221 1st semester calculus

Barbara A. Frey   A Model for Developing Multimedia Learning Projects
David Evans   Introduction to Computing Explorations in Language, Logic, and Machines
    Fundamentals of telecommunications
Stephen D. Brown   Fundamentals of digital logic with Verilog design
Raymond A. Serway   Physics for scientists and engineers with modern physics
Mark D.Goldfein   Fundamentals of general ecology, life safety and environment Protection
    Higher certificate in business management
Ramez Elmasri   Fundamentals of database systems
Dr. Holger Giese   Software Engineering for Software-Intensive Systems:I Introduction
Johnson R. S.  

Second-order ordinary differential equations

Hwei P. Hsu   Theory and Problems of Signals and Systems
George Coulouris   Distributed systems concepts and design. Fifth Edition
    Praise for Previous Editions of A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming
John Bird   Higher Engineering Mathematics
B. S. Grewal   Scilab Textbook Companion for Higher Engineering Mathematics
John Bird   Higher engineering mathematics 5th edition revision of some important algebra topics
    Report ITU-R BT.2140-3
Ian Sommerville   Software engineering 9th ed
Yun Q. Shi  

Image and video compression for multimedia engineering : fundamentals,algorithms, and standards

Elias Zakon   Mathematical Analysis
Mark Rhodes-Ousley   Information Security Second Edition
Anna Rosefsky Saavedra  

Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills Lessons from the Learning Sciences

    Instructional Approaches

Small Business Management:Essential Ingredients for Success (Best Business Books)

Johnson R. S.   Integration and differential equations
Claudius Ptolemaeus   System Design, Modeling, and Simulation using Ptolemy II
Andrew Glassner   Introduction to Computer Graphics
Victor Szalvay   An Introduction to Agile Software Development
Robert Sedgewick   An Introduction to Computer Science
Lawrence R.   Office organization and management
    Understanding Computers: An Overview for Records and Archives Staff
Bill Holtsnider   IT Managers Handbook The Business Edition
Jag Sodhi   IT Project Management Handbook
Roger S. Pressman   Software engineering : a practitioners approach
Herbert Schildt   Java the complete reference. 9 th edition
John Bird BSc(Hons)   Engineering Mathematics
Roger S. Pressman   Software Engineering
Mark G. Sobell   A Practical Guide to Linux Commands,Editors, and Shell Programming
Peter Ward   Picture Composition for Film and Television. Second edition
    Linear Algebra
V. V. Konev   Linear Algebra, Vector Algebra and Analytical Geometry
Leif Mejlbro   Linear Algebra examples c-2. Geometrical vectors, vector spaces and linear maps
Richard E. Mayer  

Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning. CHAPTER 3

Sacha Krakowiak   Middleware Architecture with Patterns and Frameworks
    Signals and Systems. CHAPTER 2
John R. Gordon   Physics for scientists and engineers
Marshall L. Burns  

Modern physics for science and engineering first edition

James Joshi   Network Security Know It Al
Micha Pioro   Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design in Communication and Computer Networks
Richard E. Mayer   Multimedia Learning
Early Transcendentals   Single and Multivariable Calculus
    Network Management Configuration Guide
Don Jones   Network Management for the Mid-Market
M. Guizani   Network modeling and simulation : a practical perspective
Esad Saitovic   Network Monitoring and Management Recommendations
Sebastian Abeck   Network Management Know It All
Brad Hale   Network Management Back to the Basics
    Network Simulation. Chapter 5
Bob Dickerson   Notes on Computer Networks
Nick Feamster   The Road to SDN: An Intellectual History of Programmable Networks
    Introduction to network management
Prof. Dr. W. Benz   Numerical methods Lecture notes
    The SDN Solutions Showcase
Alan V.Oppenheim   Signals and Systems
Alan V.Oppenheim   Signals and Systems. Second edition
    PHP Introduction to Server-Side Programming
Patrick Griffin   The Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills
Peter V. O`Neil   Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Seventh Edition
J. Anton De Haas   Business organization and administration
    Crowell and Slesnick's Calculus with Analytic Geometry
Kathleen   Calculus Early Transcendentals
Wilfred Kaplan   Calculus and linear algebra
S.Subramanya Sastry   The Newton-Leibniz controversy over the invention of the calculus
Gilbert Strang   Calculus
Leif Mejlbro   Examples of systems of differential equations
Leif Mejlbro   Examples of systems of differential equations of second
James Stewart   Calculus
Jerrold Marsden   Calculus unlimited
    How software estimation tools work
Lab Manual   Computer graphics lab
    Network management chapter 20
    Introduction to computers
Wei-Meng Lee   Beginning Androi Application Development
M. A. Awad   A Comparison between Agile and Traditional Software Development Methodologies
Olivier Bonaventure   Computer Networking : Principles, Protocols and Practice
Sharipov R.   Course of analytical geometry
Chung-yen Ong   White Paper on Latest Development of Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting (DTMB)Technologies
    Differential and integral calculus
    Digital terrestrial television broadcasting planning handbook
Christopher Thomas   Introduction to Differential Calculus
Leif Mejlbro   Linear Algebra c-3
Leif Mejlbro   Linear Algebra c-4
Kenneth Kuttler   Linear Algebra I
Kenneth Kuttler   Linear Algebra II
Kenneth Kuttler   Linear Algebra III
David Cherney   Linear Algebra
Bhaskar Dasgupta   Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science
Raj Jain   Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Sever Angel Popescu   Mathematical analysis ii integral calculus
Toru Yoshizawa   Handbook of optical metrology : principles and applications
Carol V. Brown   Managing information technology
Brendan Jennings   Challenges for Federated, Autonomic Network Management in the Future Internet
Robert Z. Zheng   Cognitive Effects of Multimedia Learning
Vladimir A. Zorich   Matematicheskij Analiz (Part 1)
Thomas M. Cover   Elements of information theory
Wolfgang Ertel   Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
Wynand S.   Matrix methods and differential eqations
Stephan Rupp   Telecommunication Software Engineering
Dimitrios Serpanos   Architecture of Network Systems
Fiach Reid   Network Programming in .NET With C# and Visual Basic .NET
Muhammad Ali Mazidi   Pic microcontroller and embedded systems
David Makofske   MuIticast Sockets Practical Guide for Programmers
Colin Perkings   RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet
Richard Blum   C# Network Programming
Joao Schwarz da Silva   Architecture and Design for the Future Internet
Jaroslav Pokorny   Information Systems Development
Charles Petzold   Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms
Syd Logan   Cross-platform development in C++ : building Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows applications
Francis Buttle   Customer Relationship Management Concepts and Technologies Second edition
Gary B. Shelly   Systems Analysis and Design Ninth Edition
Arnold S. Berger   Embedded Systems Design: An Introduction to Processes, Tools, and Techniques
Jeff McWherter   Professional mobile application development
Warren W. Gay   Linux socket programming
Jack Cox   Professional ios network programming
    The concepts of test, measurement, assessment and evaluation in education
Richard E. Mayer   Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning
Janet Wasko   The Handbook of politikal economy of communications
Mark Stamp   INFORMATION SECURITY. Principles and Practice. Second Edition
Mark Burnett   Perfect Passwords
Yiqing Lin   Audio Watermark A Comprehensive Foundation Using MATLAB
. .   - -
. .   - -
Butayev Shavkat   English-uzbek, uzbek-english dictionary: 70 000 words and expressions - Inglizcha-o'zbekcha, o'zbekcha-inglizcha lugat 70 000 soz va iborat
Jan Erik Solem   Programming Computer Vision with Python
.   - - 85 .
William Stallings   Data and Computer Communications
Len Bass   Software Architecture in Practice. Second Edition
John Karat   Human-Computer Interaction Series
    Be fore You Begin
Robert Sollis   Empirical Finance for finan ceandban king
    European Continuing Engineering Education
Arnold Berger   Embedded Systems Design: An Introductionto Processes, Tools, and Techniques
David E. Simon   An Embedded Software Primer
Keng Siau   Systems analysis and design: people, processes, and projects
Walter Savitch   Absolute java
JAMES P. HACKETT   Design Methods
Len Bass   Software Architecture in Practice. Second Edition
    Digital Watermarking and Steganography
Brian Vick   MATLAB Commands and Functions
Artech House   Information hiding techniques forsteganography and digital watermarking
    Steganography And Digital Watermarking
Kousik Dasgupta   Optimized Video Steganography using Genetic Algorithm (GA)
M.Yu.Doshchanova   Human and computer communication
F.B. Saidova   English & information technology
Jan Graba   An Introduction to Network Programming with Java. Java 7 Compatible
William Stalling   Operating Systems. Internals and Design Principles, Seventh edition
Jane Holcombe   Survey of operating systems
Tanenbaum A. S.   Modern Operating Systems
Ann McIver McHoes   Understanding Operating Systems
Nanda Nachimuthu   Spring security essentials
Vijay Kumar Velu   Mobile application penetration testing
Suleymanova G.   English for telecommunication students. Methodical manual for the second year students Manual
    Expand your english vocabulary for military
Shakhakimova Mavjuda Tashpolatovna   ESP course book

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